Celebrating Our 39th Season... Our 2022 Wild Dolphin Swim Dates Below

Our prices are from $1695.00 per person-US dollars, for one week, almost all inclusive.. We will also match other Bahamian Wild Dolphin Swim Organizations discounted prices of equal value to help make your special dolphin week a reality..

If there is anything that we can do to help make your dolphin dreams come true--please let us know....This is why Dolphin Expeditions exists... .

What is included in the trip price...

• All boat government taxes including the Bahamian 45.00 Eco tax...
• Accommodations for the week...
• All meals and snacks prepared on the boat-including departure and return dates...
• Fuel charges...
• Non-alcoholic beverages...
• All snorkeling gear including any personal instruction that you might like to feel more comfortable and safe in the water...This is not the normal rental gear, it is the absolute best and most comfortable gear that is available...and it's free!

What is not included in the trip price...

• Travel expenses-airfare,taxis etc...
• Gratuities to the crew...the average gratuity is between 10 and 20 percent of the boat charter price...
• One night out to sample Bahamian style cuisine. Calypso music and dancing is optional but highly recommended...

Please check out our "Frequently Asked Questions" or "FAQ" page for more information that you might be interested in about our dolphin swims...

The difference between our facilitated and non facilitated weeks.: the facilitated week has someone who is trained or gifted in a specialty and shares it with our guests on that particular week. On each of our facilitated weeks you do have the choice to be a part of the facilitation for an extra charge or to participate in the same week without the facilitation for our normal price. Facilitated weeks are labeled as such...


Our newly added winter dates to close out our 2021 winter season,,, posted 11/6/2021

Having just finished our 2021 summer wild dolphin swim schedule we are so thankful for those of you who joined us in this special place. Over 70 percent of you having been with us before, we are family and do look forward to sharing our upcoming 2022 season with you. Both returning and new guests alike.

Being a live aboard carrying only 6 guests, the fewest guests of any wild dolphin swim group by far, it is easy to control cleanliness and make sure that everyone's personal needs are met during these unique times...

Please feel free to contact me at any time concerning the space that might be available on a given week to suit your particular needs.

Newly added winter dates to close out our 2021 winter season,,, posted 11/6/2021

Date Availability Price
Dec 12-17Space is Available1695.00pp
28-Jan 2ndSpace is Available1695.00pp

Welcome to our 2022 Wild Dolphin Swim Season......

Date Availability Price
11-16Space is Available1695.00pp
Mar 20-25Full
27-Apr 1Full
April 3-8Full
April 10-15Full
April 17-22Space is Available1695.00pp
April 24-29Space is Available1695.00pp
May 1-6Space is Available1695.00pp
May 8-13Space is Available1695.00pp
May 15-20Space is Available1695.00pp
May 22-27Space is Available1695.00pp
29- June 3Space is Available1695.00pp
June 5-10Space is Available1695.00pp
June 12-17Space is Available1695.00pp
June 19-24Space is Available1695.00pp
26-July 1Space is Available1695.00pp
July 3-8Space is Available1695.00pp
July 10-15Space is Available1695.00pp
July 17-22Space is Available1695.00pp
July 24-29Space is Available1695.00pp
July 31-Aug 5Space is Available1695.00pp
Aug. 7-12Space is Available1695.00pp
Aug. 14-19Space is Available1695.00pp
Aug. 21-26Space is Available1695.00pp
Aug 28- Sept 2Space is Available1695.00pp
Sept 4-9Space is Available1695.00pp
Sept 11-16Space is Available1695.00pp
Sept 18-23Space is Available1695.00pp
Sept 25-30Space is Available1695.00pp
Oct 2-7Space is Available1695.00pp
Oct 9-14Space is Available1695.00pp
Oct 16-21Space is Available1695.00pp
Oct 23-28Space is Available1695.00pp