Dolphin Expeditions is honored in having the ability to interact with the wild dolphins in the Bahamas. We take this privilege, with its responsibility, very seriously. Our attitude is one of respect, as we have come to realize that we are guests in their home environment.

The dolphins themselves set the pace for our daily activities. Dolphin Expeditions does not condone the touching, feeding or harassment in any way of dolphins or any other wildlife in the area. Nature sets the rules, and we have seen how beautifully this works.

The Bahama Banks are the only place in the world where wild dolphins are free to make their own choices about when and where to interact with us. Part of the beauty of this experience is in the following of their agenda, not ours.

Their interactions may range from playing with us in the water or surfing in the bow of the cruising boat, to feeding and taking care of their young.

Watching the newborns grow and interact with each other and with us is a wonderful experience. We observe their lives in every facet, and they are very generous.

Dolphin Expedition's crew all have special reasons for living the lifestyle that we do. The one common thread that we all share is the love of the dolphins and being able to share that love and experience with those of you who join us. To be able to educate, learn and share with those who join us is the reason that Dolphin Expeditions exists.