Snorkeling and Freediving

Snorkeling/Freediving…to us, they are the same, going into crystal clear, beautiful water with just a mask, fins and snorkel…simple and free…

Our guests join us from all walks of life and from all over the world to swim with the most incredible dolphins found anywhere. No matter what your skill level or past experience may be, we are here for you. Our experienced crew will take all the time necessary to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable in the water, with our dolphin family, and the beautiful waters that Bimini has to offer. Snorkeling/Freediving is a speciality of ours and we take helping to make your dreams come true seriously.. Whether you would like to just float on top of the water, as the dolphins spend most of their time doing or wishing to take your skills to any level of breath hold and depth that you might wish while you are here and become more dolphin like yourself…which everyone has the ability to do, very simply.  Many of our guests ask if they need to be fit to join us and if they should practice before joining a dolphin week.

It is not a bad idea and mucho fun at anytime to play in the water, but it is not necessary at all. As we have a time tested system that, thus far, has taken everyone, no matter what their skill level, including none to being a happy, playful human guppy in a very short time. Anyone from the very young-4 years old- to the very young at heart-86 years young- have experienced this amazing piece of the world with us and our wild dolphin family. We have and do host some of the best freediving champions and freediving courses in the world. We personally enjoy helping to take our guests to levels of confidence and joy in the water that they might have never thought was possible…no matter what your previous experience, if any, might have been. It is all included in the week if you would like to make use of our services.

Our snorkeling gear is the best that is possible to acquire anywhere. We custom fit it to you personally and there is no charge for it’s use. We have found that to feel safe and comfortable in the water, with the proper equipment and knowledge, only helps enhance your dolphin experience. Our equipment brand new and is also free of charge... No other dolphin organization spends the time that we do with our guests to assure their comfort in the water nor do they have the quality equipment that we offer. For those who require the use of glasses, we recommend, if possible, to order a corrected lens mask. We are happy to help you with that if you wish.

For any equipment that you might need, and to acquire it at our discounted prices. Austin’s Dive shop in Miami is easily one of the best in the country. Ask for Doug and he will take great care of you in every way. They can be contacted at or 305-665-0636 world wide or 888-665-0636 within the US. Always feel free to contact us at any time with anything that we might be able to help you with.