Geoffrey has been interacting with the spotted and bottlenose dolphins in Bimini and White Sands Ridge since he was 10. No one, that we are aware of, has been with or spent more time with these dolphins. This is his 37th season with Dolphin Expeditions... 

Geoff started his swims with the dolphins at the age of ten, while living each summer in Bimini with his family. The years since have instilled him with a deep love and respect for nature, especially for the wild dolphins. As well as an accomplished sailor, Geoffrey is also a clinical hypno-therapist, body worker, breath worker, energy worker and free-diver.

Geoffrey was raised on a boat from childhood and has lived his life on the sea. He has been a skipper for several trans-Atlantic crossings as well as cruising and working boats throughout the Bahama Islands all of his life. His concern for the safety of his passengers, crew and the dolphins takes priority above all else.

'There is no place in the world that feels more like home to me than in Bimini. With it's marine life, beautiful reefs, long sandy beaches and the native islanders.'

'Since the passing of my mother, that's mom on the left, having an interesting hair day, the dolphins have become my primary family and I feel blessed. Its a privilege and a joy to be able to share this life with others.'

'Whether watching the dolphins from Indigo Dreams or becoming a part of the pod while swimming with them. The eye-to-eye contact, the sense of feelings that pass between each dolphin and perhaps those of us in the water are unique to the individual.'

The crew (like our guests) are made up of an international assortment of men and women. Their roles vary from cooking, operating and maintaining the boats, to assisting guests who may need a hand in feeling more comfortable while swimming in the sea for the first time. Their common bond is a love for the dolphins and to be able to share that experience...

We are your dolphin dream team in the Bahamas.

 Below, Geoffrey getting some special time with our dolphin family...


Our Chef Mimmi joined us last season...

Mimmi is from Sweden, she first joined us on her 18th birthday with her mother.  Then working and saving her own monies to join us and her favorite wild dolphin family on and off for the next 13 years. Up until now she has considered herself a "landiving mermaid", now she gets to be a real one.
Mimmi has taken on the hardest job on the boat, she is our chef, putting together meals from our menu that our guests have come to like. She is also a vegetarian chef and will be able to take good care of our vegans and vegetarians.

She is also our photographer, shooting both stills and video each week for our guests. Also one of our in water safety people, we always have staff in the water anytime we have guests in the water. As well as staff on board the boat always keeping an eye on everyone in the water. Her snorkeling photo just happens to be a great example of the way that we interact with our dolphin family. We have found that by relaxing and using the body mechanics that Mimmi is showing in the photo has the dolphins respond to us in a more beautiful way. They are relaxed, floating next to and often rubbing next to our guests. Trusting us with longer more intimate interactions.


Our Captain Jerry

Jerry is our do everything guy...He is a licensed Coast Guard and Bahamian Captain, one of the last of the true pirates, a treasure hunter, just coming back from his last dig with more stories for our guests. Our engineer, in water safety person,  runs the dive deck making sure that everyone is safe. He is also our engineer, keeping an eye on all of our systems, boy do we have systems. He is also a great cook and has trained many of our chefs.

We have worked together for more years than we care to remember and there is no one that I would rather have on board to get me safely home. Jerr was raised by a treasure hunting, diving family and has been all over the world.

He has always been one of our guests favorite crew members and we're glad that he is able to rejoin us again for this season...